Morrison Springs, Walton County

Morrison still doesn’t look great. It has been raining on and off this week. The water has gone down a bit, but it is still rather tannic and there is a lot of pollen, fallen leaves, and a bit of trash floating on the surface. I didn’t see any evidence of clearing near the vent at all today. Somebody commented that the viz is 7′.


Unsurprisingly, Morrison is Still Muddy 6/15/18

Visibility is currently only suitable for turtles…
Upper left portion of the middle of this pic shows a ~6′ wide spot of blue water where the vent is. The rest is chocolate milk muddy.


Morrison Springs, Walton County

The visibility at Morrison is not fantastic. If it holds where it is (doubtful, scroll down for river graph) checkout dives will not be horrible. There has been quite a bit of rain this week and the water is up to the metal picnic tables and somewhat tannic, although not really cloudy like if there was muddy river water back-flowing.


We got a comment on the Click HERE to Post Current Conditions page that says the vis is about 12′!

That is consistent with what I observed around 6:30 this morning. I also saw a small turtle (not sure if it was a cooter or a slider, it had yellow on its head though) and there is a bit of an oil slick and a lot of debris on the surface of Morrison. Due to the oil slick I was not about to put my phone or any part of my person in the water, so no underwater pics today.

Nasty oil slick

It is misty again this morning and will probably stay that way since we are supposed to have more rain.

I don’t think the visibility is going to improve at all this weekend due to the projected river graph:

This is a screenshot from about 8am

Good luck to the SCUBAs doing check-out dives this weekend!

PS. The yellow flies are getting annoying. Keep in mind that they are attracted to dark-colored clothes.

Misty Morning at Morrison Springs

Despite all the rain last night, and earlier in the week, Morrison is surprisingly clear. I was expecting muddy Choctawhatchee River water. That doesn’t mean it won’t invade later today as the river continues to rise, we’ll just have to see.

Mist, not murk, the water is quite clear

Since I was expecting murk I didn’t actually get in, but I think the water is at least as clear as it was last weekend. I think it may be a bit better in fact, because the training platform is clearly visible from the surface at both the shore and from the entry dock. I couldn’t say about the fine particles observed in the water column last week.

It is very misty down in the river bottom this morning and the boardwalk is slippery in places, so use caution.