Ponce de Leon Springs State Park, Holmes County

The water is very high at PDL Springs SP. There is a chance it might be muddy tomorrow. Probably a good idea to call the park (850-836-4281) in the morning, since they close the swimming area if it gets muddy.

Muddiness usually starts from this side of the spring when the adjacent stream overflows. Also there’s a big bass.

If the stream continues to rise over that little rock wall (middle of pic, yes I know it’s hard to see but I got bitten by mosquitoes to get this pic for you!) the spring will get muddy.

Ponce de Leon Springs SP, Holmes County

PDL springs is clear, although the level is up with the rain. I know this isn’t helpful for SCUBA, but it’s still a pretty spring. It doesn’t seem to be too crowded right now. The water is 68F, as usual.

Ponce de Leon Springs SP, Holmes County

PDLS is clear at the moment. If we get the anticipated tropical storm that may change. The park usually fills up quickly on holiday weekends. In the photo you can see that the near vent is a bit bigger/deeper than usual since the park service removed some accumulated sediment.

Ponce de Leon Springs, Holmes County Labor Day Weekend

I was in the spring Saturday. It is clear as usual, although up significantly from the rain last week and the visibility is a little more limited than usual, by which I mean you can’t quite see from ladder-to-ladder underwater. Still very clear and nice. Most of the big bass seemed to have taken the opportunity to get back to the run with the increased water level, but the usual friendly sunfish are still in residence. I didn’t bother going to Morrison since it was likely full of brown river water from the rain.