How to Use This Site

  1. You can read the reports posted on the main page to get an idea of the conditions at the spring you want to go to.
  2. Are you at a spring right now reading this on your phone? You can help improve Clear Springs FL by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and posting your personal observations of spring conditions.[You do not have to register with the site to comment but if you use an email associated with your WordPress account the site will try to make you sign in. I have no control over this, please just use a different email. I keep all subscriber info private]

Please include: spring name, location, conditions, visibility, water temp, and weather.

Other helpful information to include might be things like what wildlife you observed, how crowded the spring is, the parking situation there (fees, spaces etc.), facilities availability (bathrooms, picnic tables, etc.) and other access notes.

If you have pics to share please email them and your spring report to: junegrasspics AT G mail DOT com. I will post them on the main page.


15 thoughts on “How to Use This Site”

  1. Actually, I have some new intel: it is apparently swimmable, not sure if it is clear though


  2. I haven’t been down lately but I don’t think it is clear from the rain Friday. Any bit of rain muddies it up since the vent direction switched to upstream instead of down a few years ago. I assume that is due to some change in hydrology in the cave system.


  3. Any report on Morrison after 5/3? My friend and I are hoping to do some mermaid swimming there on Monday (5/9) so long as the water is still clear. I know your recent report said the water was high and the weekend rain might change clarity. So is it still good?


  4. I called the Walton County Health Department today and after retesting on 8/13, Morrison Springs got the all clear.


  5. Thanks Wendy! I heard the spring was closed to swimming due to high fecal bacteria counts, can you confirm this? Thanks again for using this site!


  6. I am not a diver so my comments are not technical. I snorkel. Just want to let others know the conditions I encountered this afternoon.
    Spring was beautiful, clear, and the spring head was clearly visible. A diver was present. Water was low.


  7. Dove at Paradise Spring in Ocala on 07/06/18. Water temp was 74 degrees top to bottom, visibility about 60 -70 feet and the surface level was very high, about 6 inches below the main deck. High water level resulted in a max depth of 103’ at the grim reaper sign next to the opening to the cave system. The spring opening and debris pile directly beneath it had much more green algae (Varcheria?) than I’ve seen in the last 5 years but outside of that area, the rest of the cavern was clear. Other than my group of 5, there were no others divers encountered so it was very nice to have the place to ourselves and had 2 excellent dives.


  8. Visibility at Morrison Springs, Walton County FL, is currently 7′ (2.134m) as measured by Secchi disk.


  9. At 7:05 Friday morning the visibility at Morrison Springs, Walton County was ~4m (12′). I was trying to make a measurement with a Secchi disk and it had almost disappeared when it hit the bottom. I was standing on the floating dock. The water level is definitely up, since it has been raining. The water is tannic but I’m not sure if it is river water or just run off.


  10. Morrison Springs is clear, for now, despite all the rain. At least as clear as last weekend. It’s very misty down in the river bottom.


  11. Post current conditions here please. I moderate ALL comments & expect users to be civil. Subscribe to comments for the most up-to-date-conditions.


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