I love Florida springs! I enjoy swimming, diving, and boating in beautiful clear Florida springs. I know people travel from all over to enjoy clear water in Florida springs and it can be disappointing to arrive at a spring and encounter poor visibility, algae, or closure due to high bacteria counts. This website is designed to be used like our sister site, The June Grass Report, to get an idea of what conditions to expect at Florida springs before you arrive.

I hope that Clear Springs FL can be a resource for locals and tourists alike. I think it will probably be most useful for out-of-state divers but hopefully there is something for all spring lovers here.

I will be focusing primarily on the Panhandle springs like Morrison Spring and Ponce de Leon Springs because they are the easiest for me to access personally on a regular basis.

However,  I would love it if Clear Springs FL could also include reports from all over Florida. Morrison, Econfina, Vortex, Merritt’s Mill Pond, Blue Springs, Ichetucknee Springs, Manatee Springs, White Springs, Silver Springs, Rainbow Springs, reports from any Florida spring are welcomed!

Please post your reports of current spring conditions HERE!

If you have photos of current springs conditions you can send them to:

junegrasspics AT gmail DOT com

Submitting your pics will vastly increase the springs that Clear Springs FL can cover daily. Keep it family-friendly: (no booze, obscene gestures or R-rated swimwear, etc.) and include your location. By submitting pics you agree to let me use them as I see fit but I’ll put your name on them when posted. Your help and support is most appreciated!

This webpage is free for everybody to use and is not affiliated with any government agencies or businesses. I don’t have any plans to sell ads at the moment. I post these reports purely to amuse myself and others. That being said: the observations and opinions in this blog are my own and are intended for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for anything bad that may happen as a result of you using information from this blog.

If you subscribe to updates or comments you will not get spammed: I keep all subscriber information strictly confidential.