Morrison is a bit murky…

Morrison is a little murky this morning. There is a lot of super-fine particulate matter suspended in the water. In most of the spring bowl the visibility is 8-12’…if I am being very generous. It looks like it does in the afternoon when three or more classes  have been doing check-out dives all day and the bottom is stirred up. However, nobody was in the water early so I can’t say where the silt came from. The side of the spring bowl closest to the floating dock has better vis, 12’+, but when entering from the shore it gets murky very quickly. The layer of murk goes down to at least the training platform. I wasn’t on SCUBA, so I cannot say what the vis is like down deeper in the bowl or the cavern. Not a deal-breaker for me, but not the crystal clear water I was hoping for.

Looks really nice from shore…
Pretty in the shallows…
Artsy cypress stump
Lots of little sunfish


The haze becomes obvious as you swim away from shore
Going toward the submerged training platform
The training platform
Looking down at the log over the vent, duck fin for scale. Naked eye can make out the log, camera can’t really