FYI: PDL Springs SP, Holmes County

The parking lot at PDL Springs State Park is currently full. Folks are parking outside the fence. You have been warned.


Morrison Springs, Walton County

Morrison still doesn’t look great. It has been raining on and off this week. The water has gone down a bit, but it is still rather tannic and there is a lot of pollen, fallen leaves, and a bit of trash floating on the surface. I didn’t see any evidence of clearing near the vent at all today. Somebody commented that the viz is 7′.


Ponce de Leon Springs State Park, Holmes County

The water is very high at PDL Springs SP. There is a chance it might be muddy tomorrow. Probably a good idea to call the park (850-836-4281) in the morning, since they close the swimming area if it gets muddy.

Muddiness usually starts from this side of the spring when the adjacent stream overflows. Also there’s a big bass.

If the stream continues to rise over that little rock wall (middle of pic, yes I know it’s hard to see but I got bitten by mosquitoes to get this pic for you!) the spring will get muddy.

Unsurprisingly, Morrison is Still Muddy 6/15/18

Visibility is currently only suitable for turtles…
Upper left portion of the middle of this pic shows a ~6′ wide spot of blue water where the vent is. The rest is chocolate milk muddy.


Morrison & PDL 6/10/18

Laura reports: “Visited Morrison Springs and Ponce de Leon Springs on Sunday, June 10, 2018. Morrison’s water was still high (over the beach tables) and murky, no visibility. Ponce de Leon was clear with a lot of people enjoying the day there.

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