Morrison Springs 6/23/22

Visibility at Morrison is about 20′ right now. I haven’t been in personally in a long time, but somebody told me it was “the clearest it’s been in awhile”, so I went over there around 8 this morning. A few people swimming & picnicking and a couple of divers getting ready. There is a lot of fine particulate suspended in the water column and some sort of dirt/debris slick on the downstream side of the spring boil. I didn’t bother swimming out into that. Overall pretty nice if you just want to cool off & aren’t expecting the water to be “gin clear”. I noticed the county has added porta potties in addition to the regular bathrooms. Parks employees were there tidying up and overall the grounds were neat & clean. Stay cool!

Morrison Spring, Walton County

Morrison is still clear! Enjoy it while it lasts, as rain is expected this weekend and the river is already a bit high. It’s so clear, in fact, that you can see the picnic table some jerks decided to sink near the training platform (see pics below).

Morrison Spring, Walton County

The visibility at Morrison is 30’+! It may not stay that way, as there was almost an inch of rain last night and other area waterways are showing elevated water levels. Morrison is clear down the run to about the lily patch, past the boat launch. The safety buoy is still not reinstalled in the main spring basin. Lots of little fish in evidence, a few turtles, damsel flies, and a big bass.

I took this leaning out of my kayak, don’t judge!

I also took this by sticking my arm in the water!

Morrison Spring, Walton County

After a night of thunderstorms it is blustery and cool at the spring. However, the visibility is the best I’ve seen in awhile! The water is a nice turquoise color because it is possible to see all the way to the white sandy bottom in all the shallower parts of the spring! Without getting in the water I estimate 15-20’+ for visibility and the water is clear all the way down the run to the boat launch. However, due to all the rain, the river level may come up and back up into the spring at some point this weekend. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t!

Morrison Springs, Walton County

Reader MG reports: “Morrison is clear with at least 12′ of viz. I was down there around 9am on Friday. I saw a ~3′ gar and a school of mullet. There is a fair amount of pollen/dirt/debris/oil slick in the shallow areas and an algae bloom in the swamp. Dock SCUBA entry is probably the best bet. The county hasn’t yet replaced the safety buoy that Hurricane Michael ripped up, so be mindful of power boats in the spring basin if diving. There currently isn’t any sign from the health department about high bacterua levels.”

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