Ponce de Leon Springs, Holmes County Labor Day Weekend

I was in the spring Saturday. It is clear as usual, although up significantly from the rain last week and the visibility is a little more limited than usual, by which I mean you can’t quite see from ladder-to-ladder underwater. Still very clear and nice. Most of the big bass seemed to have taken the opportunity to get back to the run with the increased water level, but the usual friendly sunfish are still in residence. I didn’t bother going to Morrison since it was likely full of brown river water from the rain.


Ponce de Leon Springs, Holmes County

PDLSSP is clear as usual. Water is a bit lower than it has been all summer since the rain has finally slackened a bit. The usual fish, turtles, and good visibility in the spring basin.

Morrison Springs, Walton County

Morrison looks better this week!

It looks like the river is still intruding a little but the spring output is a greater volume, so the water is nice and clear around the vent and the floating dock back into the swamp. I didn’t get in myself, but I suspect the water gets murkier as you swim downstream. There is what appears to be a lot of pollen, plus leaves, floating on the surface.

Ponce de Leon Springs, Holmes County

PDL springs is clear! I swam in there a bit earlier and it is nice and clear with the usual compliment of friendly fish. You can see from ladder to ladder underwater, although there is a slight haze. It think it’s just fine particulate matter still kicked up from yesterday when the spring was full. I have 3rd hand reports that Morrison Springs is muddy, which is unsurprising considering the rain.


It’s raining in Ponce de Leon. The state park is fine, as usual, but I am not optimistic about Morrison Springs since it has been raining on and off all week. I’ll try to run down there tomorrow morning.

Ponce de Leon Springs, Holmes County

PDLSP is clear….but it’s always clear unless there is a flood or late in the afternoon when lots of people in the basin stir up the silt. The latter isn’t a huge deal though since it’s not a SCUBA spring. It’s really easy for me to report on PDL and fairly easy for me to check Morrison, so I’ll report from there as often as I can until this site starts getting more Web traffic and I start receiving user reports from other springs.